Intelligent Pet ID Tag - Badge

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What Is It?

Badge is the simple, intelligent, no-brainer upgrade to your pet’s ID tag that will help reunite you, and your pet, if it’s ever lost. It links with your pet’s profile created in the Pet Widget app, so it can be identified instantly if it goes wandering.

An integrated NFC chip, QR code, and unique identification number makes it accessible by almost any smart device, and it is not limited by bluetooth range, GPS connectivity, or batteries that need to be charged or replaced, giving you peace of mind that it works at all times.

Once Badge is scanned, rescuers can call you in seconds. And you’ll get a notification that your pet has been found, with a location pin on the rescuer’s exact location.

Ready for the pool, the beach, and beyond, its durable design can withstand the toughest conditions, no problem.

Badge is no larger than a quarter, and weighs only 2 grams, making it suitable for smaller pets too.

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Weight - 2g (with split ring)
Diameter - 21mm 

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